Here we go! The very first post to my brand new blog. :) I am really excited about this and hoping that someone will actually find their way here to read this. I have considered starting my own blog already for some time. After reading other peoples blogs I slowly started to get excited about the idea myself. The thought of people all around the world reading what I find interesting really fascinates me. :)

From the rigth-hand side of the page you may find something about me. I am not going to write down any specific details about myself, if you read my updates carefully I guess that you will be able to find out something more about me. There is not going to be any riddles or secret codes, though. :D Hope you find the info on right interesting. :)

As you probably read from the front page I intend to make this site better all the time and you can help me with that by commenting under link Comments. I am really looking forward to get this thing started! :)

- Heidi -

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    A girl.
    Passionate about writing.
    Reading whenever has time. Listening to music everywhere
    she goes.
    An observer of the world she lives in.
    Has important things to say.
    But usually rather writes them.
    Does not enjoy being the centre
    of attention.
    But hopes that you will spare a moment to read her mind. :)


    August 2009


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