The burning question of the day: blog or twitter? My opinion on this is probably clear, but for those who are uncertain check the Home page... This question has been troubling also the members of Linkin Park lately - the sophisticated debate among Mike and Phoenix is little by little turning into a war... If you want to see which one wins you may follow the arms race in:


Let the best man win! Twitter - prepare for your downfall... ;)

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The latter part of Mike Shinoda's amazing art show Glorious Excess opens in the Japanese-American National Museum in Los Angeles on 29th August and you are able to go and see his works all the way until 4th October. The first part of the show, Glorious Excess (Born), took place in 2008 and came out to be a huge success. Here is how Mike describes the idea behind the show in his blog:

'Glorious Excess is about obsession with celebrity culture, consumer addiction, and fascination with excess. The show follows a nameless celebrity character as he indulges in the sex, drugs, and rock n roll lifestyle. In this show [Glorious Excess (Dies)], he grows to the limits of his fame, reveling without moderation in the excesses of modern celebrity until he implodes.'

If you only have a chance to go and see the show I warmly recommed for you to do so! :) For those unfortunate human-beings (myself included...) who are not able to see the works for real, go to where Mike has promised to keep us updated on what is going on with the show. There is also a book coming out at some point in which all the works of the show are presented.

More info on the show, see:

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