I warmly welcome you all to my website! :) This is my very first own site and I am really excited to get this thing started. This page is dedicated not only to my own things, but also everything conserning my favorite artists, all members of Linkin Park. You may find info, links and so on about this brilliant band from its own page. :) Even if you are not a fan of theirs, don't abandon this site quite yet: you might be able to find something fascinating from My Blog in which I write also about lots of other stuff! ;) Hope you enjoy your stay here and come back soon! And don't forget to leave comments about anything conserning this site or whatever it is you might want to write to me about! :) I intend to make this page better all the time so any suggessions for improvements are more than welcome!
- Heidi -
Ps. I don't know why I wanted to have that picture of the two ducks at the front page, but I think they are kind of cute... :)